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Data Entry in India is a rapidly booming industry. We are offering best and fast Data Entry Services can make various difference in the performance of your business whether your business any size small or big. Our Data Entry Services increase your business rapidly as well as save your precious time and money and also provide competitive sprit to your business. Our experts provide accurate and quick Data Entry Service for any type of business which has need data to be extracting any type of source. We are providing best quality with cost effective Data Entry service. As a business owner you can improve your productivity and performance and adroitness administrative burdens by using fast and accurate data entry services.

We can input data as either single key or double key, for output in ASCII, column binary or a variety of other formats for widely different sources such as:

Membership Forms of Associations/Clubs etc.
  Dictionaries, Manuals, Encyclopedia etc.
  • Surveys

  • Questionnaires

  • Insurance Claims Processing

  • Company reports

  • Index cards

  • Market Research Tabulations

  • Web design, Web maintenance

  • Web Submission, Web Analysis

  • Warranty registrations

  • Guest/Customer comment card

  • Polling informatio

  • Property tax record

  • Mailing Lists / Addresse
When it comes to data format, we are flexible.
  Some of the typical formats in which we can deliver the data are :
  • Database Format (.dbf)

  • Excel Format (*.xls)

  • Word Format (*.doc)

  • Portable Document Format (*.pdf)

  • Access Format (*.mdb)

  • Text Format (*.txt)

  • HTML Format


  • Binary

  • Or any other type you need
  The final output can be provided through any of the following media :
  • 3.5 inch diskette

  • Via Internet E-mail

  • FTP upload

  • Direct Modem Transfer

  • (i.e.: Telix, Hyper Terminal)

  • CD-R or CD-W
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