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Established, in year 1999, CompCare is one of the leading Software Solution Company , fully equipped with dedicated team of expert Software Developers.

Our prime expertise lies in mathematical computing / Software solutions using versatile software language C/C++ . Software development in Visual Basic with Oracle/MS Access is also our strength.

We also undertake Bulk Data Entry and forms processing. CompCare uses advanced technologies to convert large quantities of paper and image-based forms to electronic data usable in database and document management systems.

With an active work force of experienced operators located exclusively in New Delhi , India , CompCare is all set to process over 200,000 documents monthly.

CompCare is keen to provide services to banks, retail organizations, medical research facilities, universities, insurance companies, mailing services firms, direct marketing and database marketing firms, school districts, newspapers, large corporate enterprises, and trade associations wanting to outsource a portion or all of their data entry requirements.

In addition to traditional key-from-paper data entry, CompCare also performs document scanning and indexing, key-from-image, and automated data extraction using OCR/ICR/OMR technologies. Whether you have a one-time project or an ongoing campaign, CompCare can customize a service approach to meet your needs for quality, turnaround, at reasonable fee.

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